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Why So Many Network Marketers

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The Legend course is a 30 day video coaching course that coaches you through the book LEGEND! This is for Network Marketers and home-based Entrepreneurs who desire to build a 7-figure business and beyond.

It is for those who desire to become the person they have dreamed of becoming, and living the dream life that goes along with it and discovering who you really are and what you can really do in your business and life!

You will learn through the power of video as Doug coaches you through the book - plus with additional content not in the book - and not just summarize it.

Now you can learn at your own pace and schedule - and you can go back and review again and again for greater learning experience. You will experience personal growth and business growth at new levels as you walk through the book - looking through the eyes of a Legend and not just a Network Marketer.
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What You'll Discover in LEGEND

Why You Should Upgrade Your Order Now

  • ​Unlock the Life-Changing Power of Personal Development: Discover how to stretch and challenge yourself to achieve greatness, breaking through limitations and unlocking your full potential.
  • ​Become Unstoppable with Legendary Confidence: Learn the secrets to developing the unwavering confidence that all Legends possess, empowering you to take bold action and achieve remarkable success.
  • ​​Ignite Your Thinking and Mindset: Spark a transformation in your thoughts and beliefs, elevating your mindset to achieve extraordinary results and unlock your full potential.
  • ​Double Your Business Volume Every Year: Get access to proven strategies and techniques to rapidly grow your business, doubling your volume and achieving exponential success.
  • ​Harness the Power of HeartFire: Discover the secret to fueling your passion and drive, igniting a burning desire to succeed and achieve greatness.
  • ​Follow the 7 Steps to Extraordinary Success: Learn the exact steps that all Legends took to reach the pinnacle of success, and follow their path to achieving remarkable results.
  • ​​Develop a Bulletproof Mindset: Learn how to shield yourself from negativity and doubt, cultivating a resilient mindset that propels you forward, no matter what obstacles you face.
  • And Much, Much More...: Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and secrets to achieving greatness, transforming your life and business in ways you never thought possible!

Course Contents at a Glance

Session 1 – The Start

This is the opening video and talks about the cost of not understanding there is a Legend inside of you and the 5 truths you must embrace that can help you elevate your business to explosion.

Session 2 – The 2 NuclearCore Elements

This video goes over the 2 Nuclear Core Action Elements that you must connect to and master to build a 7 Figure business. Also covered are the 5 basic parts to building a highly successful Network Marketing business.

Session 3 – The 6 Legend Building Phases

This video goes over the 6 Building Phases a Legend goes through, what they look like and how to get through them, and the 7 Profound Truths that most are oblivious to that all can be game changers for your business.

Session 4 – The Unstoppable Power of “HEARTBURN.”

This video covers how the Fire of the Heart drives all Success in Network Marketing. It also covers Getting it Right Between the Ears and Heart, and the 5 secrets of developing an Unstoppable Heartburn for your business

Session 5 – The CATALYST

This video covers what Catalyzes massive growth, change, and transformation when you enroll in a Network Marketing company – and all are touched by it. The Power of New Exposures of massive success and how that impacts you and your business, and why small beginnings everyone experiences, but for the Legend, it is a very temporary place in their journey and how they moved past it quickly.

Session 6 – The 5 Levels of Thinking in Network Marketing

This video goes over the 5 Levels of Thinking and why you are at the level you are, understanding the change process of thinking, how to ascend to higher levels of thinking and how to hit the top level of thinking in your business, what that looks like, and what comes after that.

Session 7 – The IDEA of Legend

This video covers the power of the Great Awakening, how to never settle for less than your dreams – no matter what, what the idea of Legend really is versus what people may think, the Legend philosophy and how that can transform you and your business, and the power behind Legendary action.

Session 8 – DOUBLE Vision

This video covers how to double your volume every year in a very simplistic way, and the step by steps of the path. Also covered is how to increase your volume by only 50% every year, as well as the Double Vision Challenge.

Session 9 – The 4 Phases of the Great Awakening

This video covers the power of being awakened to your Greatness and the 4 phases that distributors cab go through to unleash that Greatness in their business and life.

Session 10 – The Definition of LEGEND

This video covers a greater understanding of what a Legend truly is in Network Marketing, how Decision plays into your massive success, the Love for the Doing in your pursuit of massive success, and why that is critical for a 7 Figure business and life.

Session 11 – The LEGEND Ladder of Success

This video covers the Legend Ladder of Success and the 5 rungs that are a part of it. Each rung shows you where you are, how you got there, and how to get to the next level. It also covers the 6 Power Elements of the Ladder and how that impacts your 7 Figure ascension and the Power of “No Down” regarding you and your business.

Session 12 – The LEGEND Power of EXTRAORDINARY

This video covers the power of something most people never reach for – Extraordinary. And why most people can achieve that in business and life but rarely do. It also covers why Extraordinary is buried deep within you and what to do to ignite it setting you and your business on Fire, and finishing up with a glorious thought that can be a game changer.

Session 13 – The Idea of IMPOSSIBLE

This video will cover the two different schools of thought about Impossible, and why what most people believe about Impossible is in error, why Impossible is highly Magnetic pulling towards Success, and the ultimate secret to moving powerfully to what others call Impossible – and achieving it.

Session 14 – 5 Reasons Why People are Negative about Extraordinary

This video covers the 5 reasons why that most people do not believe they could ever achieve or accomplish anything Extraordinary and how that can impact you, it will give you a much better understanding of what must happen to change that belief, turn it around, and start feeling powerful, empowered, emboldened, and connected to the concept of Extraordinary in your Network Marketing business.

Session 15 – The 4 Worlds of LEGEND

This video will cover the 4 Worlds that you can live in and the ones that Legends live. Each level you will learn why people are there, and how to move to the next level, what 3 things set the person apart from everyone else in Network Marketing who has decided to move towards and live in the world of Extraordinary, and the 5 things that all Legends have in common.

Session 16 – The Mastery Path First Step – The Great Awakening

This video covers the first step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – the Great Awakening. We will go over what the Great Awakening is, what ignites the awakening and why, what you will experience when it occurs, and how that can impact you and your business in a profound way.

Session 17 – The Mastery Path Second Step– The Sudden Realization

This video covers the second step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – The Sudden Realization and how that can shake your world and future. You will learn about the Big AHA Moment and in that moment, your eyes have been opened and how everything can shift in your favor as far as your business and success. It will also cover the 5 Impact Zones in your Life that a Sudden Realization has and how that can transform how you see your future and business.

Session 18 – The Myth of Massive Action

This video covers the myth of Massive Action. You will discover that All Out Massive Action is NOT the secret – and it will not work in most cases and what the truth about it is and how to change it to work for you – not against. You will also learn the secret of “Practice” and how Legends become so increasingly productive.

Session 19 – The Mastery Path Third Step - Life Changing Decision

This video covers the fourth step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – The Life Changing Decision. You will discover the power of a “HeartQuake” decision – the decision that changes everything and ignites a jaw dropping energy and focus within you. You will learn the secret of “Living Into” your decision, the doubts all Legends had from time to time as they built their business, and how the hard times can become less difficult though the transforming power of a Life Changing Decision.

Session 20 – The Mastery Path Fourth Step -Beyond the Blueprint

This video covers the fifth step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – Beyond the Blueprint. You will learn what a Beyond the Blueprint is, the 5 parts of a Beyond Blueprint, what a Hyper Vision is and why Future Legends must embrace this concept, why you must have a PLAN and the 4 Success elements that ignite it, the power of understanding the Process and why you need one, the 5 Levels of Relentless Performance and how to engage them, and why the Push is critical to integrate in building your Network Marketing business.

Session 21 – The Mastery Path Fifth Step - Soaring Engagement

This video covers the fifth step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – Soaring Engagement. Soaring Engagement is action beyond the normal and beyond what is acceptable. This is engagement at a whole new level that produces what most only dream of. You will learn what Legends see as the action that they must take and an actual schedule of activity they engage. This includes soaring action from prospecting to closing, social media, recruiting, and more. Soaring Engagement produces soaring businesses.

Session 22 – The Mastery Path Sixth Step – FRD

This video covers the sixth step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – FRD. This stands for Fierce Relentless Determination. You will learn the 5 Realities of FRD when it comes to the Great Ascent, and how to get through them sand conquer them. You will also learn what Fierce means, building the Success Tornado in your business, the 5 Emotions of FRD - and more.

Session 23 – The Mastery Path Seventh Step - Extraordinary Elevation

This video covers the seventh and final step of 7 steps of Unleashing the Legend within you – Extraordinary Elevation. You will learn why Legends never accept the level of success that I call “Flatline Success.” They elevate their dreams, visions, and action way beyond the normal at a level most never knew existed. You will discover “The Secret Sauce” and how that impacts your trajectory of your business. You will discover Motivation vs Activation and being “Obsessed” versus “Possessed” with going higher and higher for success your business.

Session 24 – 25 Secrets on Becoming a Legend

This video covers 25 secrets / traits / principles / realities / behavior / and truths on becoming a Legend in Network Marketing.

Session 25 – Next Steps

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